Women and Girls safe spaces project

Women and Girls safe spaces project

For the fifth year respectively, the Foundation of Human Care and Development – Masarrat continues to implement the project of safe spaces for women and adolescent girls in the two centers of Qwareer (Al-Atareb and kafar Karmin), with the aim of protecting and preventing gender-based violence.

Safe spaces offer many integrated activities aimed at mainstreaming women and adolescent girls into society, rebuilding social networks, in addition to acquiring relevant skills and enhancing access to multi-sectoral response services which are Suitable for different ages.

The project included the following activities:

1-Case management and psychosocial support services, which included information and awareness sessions, awareness-raising programs and life skills, which were received by 1,010 women and 850 girls.

2-Mobile teams targeting gathering points for women and adolescent girls in the western countryside. The number of beneficiaries is 746 women and 2,600 adolescent girls.

3- English language activity: which included three levels, from beginner to advanced, and conversation. 338 women and 204 girls joined this activity.

4- Literacy activity: which included the education of beneficiaries, starting with writing letters and proper reading, leading to learning eloquent pronunciation and mastering reading and writing with high skill.  The number of beneficiaries was 368 women and 218 girls.

5- First aid activity: through which the beneficiaries acquired the skills of immediate and temporary medical care, which provides the injured with simple treatment tools until the time of full medical assistance.  330 women and 152 girls benefited from this activity.

6- Robot activity: through it, the beneficiaries were acquainted with the components of the robot, its types, how to disassemble and install it, in addition to the basics of programming. The number of female beneficiaries reached 310.

7-Drawing activity: The activity contributed to the development of the beneficiaries’ cognitive and accurate motor skills and improved their ability to express and enjoy sound mental health. The beneficiaries were able to reach advanced stages in drawing. They also participated in displaying their drawings in an exhibition during the days of the 16-day campaign. The number of beneficiaries reached 82 women and 248 adolescents.

8- Sport activity: The gym, which is equipped with sports equipment, accommodated many women and girls with the aim of practicing regular physical activities. The number of beneficiaries reached 154 and the number of women was 392.

9- Hairdressing activity: during which the beneficiaries mastered the techniques of hair cutting, styling, dyeing and decorating, how to take care of it, in addition to how to apply make-up.  The number of girls was 216 and the number of women was 186.

10- The Nursery: It provides psychological comfort to the beneficiaries who accompany their children under the age of five and provides them with purposeful recreational activities and simple kinetic games. The number of children is 488.

In addition to the presence of volunteers to sterilize the attachments and hands, measure the temperature of the beneficiaries upon entering the center, and ensure that all necessary preventive measures and measures are taken.

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