For more than 10 years and due to the difficult conditions of the war in Syria, the economic and living situations are deteriorated and the Syrian families are still suffering because of the high prices of goods, lack of income and job opportunities and loss of property, in addition to the collapse of the value of the Syrian currency against USD. All of that, increase the poverty, a weakening of the living conditions of the population, and losing all services in all sectors, and depriving people from the most basic necessities of life.
Based on the humanitarian duty, the Establishment for Human Care and Development – MASRRAT implements emergency response projects and campaigns for the residents and the displaced people (IDPs) who affected by the war. The projects include many different activities such as: distributing food baskets, distributing cash vouchers, Ramadan meals and distributing free bread and other essential items


Northwest Syria is a densely populated area with residents, internally displaced people, and returnees. Approximately, 186,458 families have been displaced to the northwest areas of Syria since December -2019, and 80% of them are children and women. Most of the IDP families moved to the sub-regions in Idlib and Aleppo such as Al-Dana, Azaz, Ma’aret Tamsrin, Taftanaz, Afrin, Salqin. The presence of this huge number of people within these areas led to a lack of job opportunities, an increase in the level of unemployment, and difficulty in obtaining daily basic necessities such as bread. Moreover, the value of the Syrian currency against the USD is significantly collapsed in light of the imposition of economic sanctions, as the average daily income for a worker is 2.5 dollars, equivalent to 5000 Syrian pounds, and the price of bread has reached 800 Syrian pounds, where a family of five people needs two bundles of bread per day, i.e. 1600 Syrian pounds. Only in order to secure bread, which is one of the most important priorities for a living.

Meals and Food Baskets

For more than ten years of war in Syria, and in the light of the difficult conditions that people live in, millions of people, including orphans and children displaced to the neighboring countries.
Every year, with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Establishment for Human Care and Development – MASRRAT seeks to share the blessing of this month with the families of orphans and displaced people inside Syria, with the aim of achieving social solidarity and securing their personal needs by distributing basic food-stuffs (food baskets) and providing fasting meals (Chicken or meat, rice, yogurt or vegetables) throughout the month of Ramadan, in order to bring joy to the families of orphans, helping the displaced during Ramadan, alleviating their suffering and the circumstances surrounding them due to the war, and teaching them the meaning of social solidarity in society.

Relief support

individuals benefited from the food kits



ready to eat meals were distributed during the emergency responses


beneficiaries from Ramadan Cooked Meals


bundles of bread were distributed freely