MASRRAT Orphans Platform


MASRRAT Platform for Orphans Sponsorship Management

In 2016, MASRRAT designed an electronic platform for managing orphans’ sponsorships. This platform activates and enhances communication between sponsors and orphans.

The platform allows sponsors to have permanent access to orphans’ reports including monthly salary receipts, educational reports, health, and psychological reports. The platform also provides an immediate notification for the sponsor of any action taken via e-mail, such as paying sponsorship, replacing, c and writing off an orphan and other operations.

MASRRAT platform is the first platform of its kind in Syria, in terms of the facilities it provides in work, monitoring and management, in addition to its role in building bridges of interaction between the orphan and his sponsor to increase love, kindness, tenderness, and trust between them.

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Me user name: visitor for care Password: Visitor8520

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