Food Security And Livelihood Program

The Food Security and Livelihood in MASRRAT include:

  • Rural Development Program.
  • Emergency Food Relief.
  • Feed the Fasting (Iftar) Project.
  • Eid Qurban Project.
  • The Rural Development Program is one of the most important programs adopted by MASRRAT organization in order to achieve economic renaissance, rural development and improve the basic services in rural areas by expanding the agricultural area, increasing land productivity, increasing livestock and raising its productivity. We aim also to contribute in achieving the food security of the target communities in Syria and to enhance the resilience of the affected groups and achieve self-sufficiency.

MASRRAT organization develops and builds skills for (small farmers, youth and women) in rural areas and encouraging the target groups to work in agriculture and establish small private project. Also, it provides the neediest farmers with key agricultural inputs and distributes the necessary inputs to livestock breeders from livestock, feed, medicines and technical trainings.

  • The organization carries out various activities and training on (good agricultural practices, modern irrigation systems, water management techniques, organic fertilizer production, improvement of agricultural roads in villages).

Food Security and Livelihood

beneficiaries of the program


Project implementation areas


Lattakia – Hama – Aleppo – Idlib