Project activities to strengthen the resilience and market economy of local communities

فعاليات مشروع تعزيز القدرة على الصمود واقتصاد السوق للمجتمعات المحلية

As part of the project titled Strengthening Resilience and Market Economy of the Local Communities by Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change and Enhancing Infrastructure in Northwestern Syria. And with support the Syrian Cross-Border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF) the Establishment for Human Care and Development – MASRRAT implemented a rehabilitation process for 1500 square m eters of the local market of Marret Tamasrin sub-district through CfW modality. This activity aims to enable farmers’ access to the local market and improve the infrastructure in the town of Marret Tamasrin. 25 CfW workers (23 males and 2 females) were contracted to work for 30 days. The rehabilitation process included preparing the ground through scraping, smoothing, leveling, and spreading a 0-1cm layer of gravel, then installing the interlock tiles. In addition, blocks of sidewalks were installed, and trees were planted on them. finally, sand was spreaded to fill the spaces between the tiles, and the site was cleaned with water. 

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