MASRRAT is a non-profit organization established in Syria on February 15 – 2013 and officially registered in Turkey on September 14 – 2014 under name
İNSANİ YARDIM VE KALKINDIRMA DERNEĞİ License number is 0161– 017–27
And it is a civil society that works on effective contribution to sustainable processes of social and economic Development through implementing programs that uplift marginalized segments to overcome financial, social, Educational, and intellectual poverty levels in the community.

Our Work

MASRRAT worked to provide solutions for crisis management in stricken communities by using professional methods and providing our services to the marginalized and poor groups without distinction between race, religion or gender.

Orphans` Sponsorship

Orphans` Sponsorship

“And they ask you about orphans. Say, “Improvement for them is best. And if you mix your affairs with theirs – they are your brothers.”

Child Protection

Child Protection

MASRRAT organization launches child-friendly centers for children between 5-18 years which focus on psychosocial support, recreational activities.

Rural Development Program.

Rural Development Program.

The Rural Development Program is one of the most important programs that adopted by MASRRAT organization in order to achieve economic renaissance.

Qurbani for People in Need

Qurbani for People in Need

Qurbani for People in Need
The choice of MASRRAT to give away your Qurbani/Udhiyah on your behalf is the best choice as you know you will deal with the most trustworthy.



with the aim of achieving social solidarity and securing their personal needs by distributing basic food-stuffs

Women`s Empowerment

Women`s Empowerment

MASRRAT organization provides their services in women`s empowerment and GBV program through women and girls safe spaces in Syria and Turkey.

What We Believe

– Preserving human values in the community and contributing to improving them.

– Raising the intellectual, scientific, and living standards of society.

– Supporting the most vulnerable segments of the community and empowering them through building necessary skills for the development of both individual and community scales.

– Activating the role of civil society organizations in order to reoccupy their role in community accountability.

– Working to achieve sustainable rural development of agriculture.

Our Current Projects

Provide of life-saving assistance

Provide of life-saving assistance and support the self-resilience of crisis-affected population in rural of Aleppo.

Introduction and needs Provide of life-saving assistance :

The overall humanitarian situation...

developing livelihood resources for affected families in Idlib countryside

Developing livelihood resources for affected families in Idlib countryside

Introduction and needs:

The humanitarian needs in Syria are severe across all sectors, with...

Empowering women and girls

Empowering women and girls and enhancing access to GBV prevention services in Western rural of Aleppo.

Introduction and needs to our project of Empowering women

Women and girls living inside Syria...

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