Securing temporary job opportunities and supporting self-reliance for conflict-affected families

Within Supporting the resilience of affected families in the western countryside of Aleppo project, and with the aim of Providing life-saving and life-sustaining humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people and with aim of securing temporary opportunities jobs and supporting self-reliance for conflict-affected families, as well as to reduce and mitigate the cost picking up of olive trees in the project areas. The establishment for human care and development (MASRRAT) targeted 99 female workers from HC and IDPs in Atareb sub district, where we will provide this service for 300 olive farmers at least. 

The activity has been started since the second half of October and will last for 40 working days. As well all the workers have been provided with personal protection equipment (protection gear), securing cars for workers transportation, in addition to giving them the necessary safety training during the implementation of the activity and protection principals training. 

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