the project of supporting underserved communities in Idlib countryside

In light of the threat of the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus “COVID-19” around the world, the Establishment for Human Care and Development – MASRRAT implemented a project to support underserved communities in Idlib countryside by providing food aid and fabric masks to confront the threat of COVID-19 pandemic.

The project included each of the following activities:

1- Distributing food baskets to the IDPs households in the village of Janudiyeh and Foz-Zuf in the countryside of Idlib for 8 consecutive months, where 340 baskets were distributed monthly to 340 families.

2- Preparing a workshop for sewing Fabric masks to reduce the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, as 20 women from the target area were employed for 5 consecutive months and got paid by an appropriate daily wage.

3- Manufacturing more than 150,000 fabric masks in three sizes suitable for all ages and distribute them to residents in the project locations. The entire quantity was distributed to the families, and each person received 4 fabric masks.

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