Promo of value and educational empowerment project for orphans

Promo of value and educational empowerment project for orphans

The best thing that we instill in the hearts of our orphans is the useful Knowledge, and the best that we give them to drink is the education on values, morals, and refinement of souls.

The Establishment for Human Care and Development – MASRRAT, with the support of the Islamic Charitable Commission, implemented the value-and-educational empowerment project for orphans in Al-Bab City in rural of Aleppo , which targeted 250 orphans, including 168 sponsored orphans by the Islamic Charitable Commission in different age groups, including scientific, educational, psychological and physical aspects.

The project included all of the following activities:

1.Educational activities: which include teaching English, Turkish and Arabic languages

2. Computer activities: which starts from the basics of the computer and the most important programs and applications.

3.Life skills, character building and self-management programs…and other useful programs.

4. Activities for learning the Qur’an, basic legal and jurisprudence sciences for children, teaching the correct reading of the Holy Qur’an with the sciences of intonation for all children according to the age groups, legal support and singing.

5. Sports activities, defensive sports (kickboxing) and football.

6. Psychosocial support activities: which include purposeful trips, arts, handicrafts, kinetic and recreational activities, drawing, reading, children’s theater, mental health and awareness programs.

In addition to a set of supplementary programs such as Arabic calligraphy, cinematography, mental arithmetic (Abacus), chess, and others.

The project was concluded with an honoring ceremony for orphans and distributing the gifts to all orphans.

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