Strengthening the resilience of livelihoods

Strengthening the resilience and developing sources of livelihoods

The Establishment for Human Care and Development – MASRRAT has implemented Building resilience and developing livelihood resources for affected families in the Idlib countryside project.

The project included the following activities:

1. Supporting the wheat crop for the beneficiaries of the previous project in 2020 and providing 50 $ as harvest cost in addition to conducting the technical training for 300 beneficiaries.

2. CFW activity includes the Rehabilitation of agricultural roads by covering 5 km of gravel and MC0 material, in addition, to hire 40 workers from HCs and IDPs to implement the activity.

3. Wheat crop support activity for 2021, where 225 kg of wheat seed, 100 kg of compound fertilizer, 50 kg of urea fertilizer, and a kit of insecticides and herbicides were distributed to 330 beneficiaries, in addition to conducting the necessary agricultural training during the project period.

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