July 15, 2019 admin

MASRRAT lunched “Women and Girls Safe Spaces” project for the fifth consecutive year, which aims to empower women and girls through professional activities and psychosocial support and create opportunities for them to benefit from their skills and abilities. The project was established in Atareb and Kafr Karmin cities in rural Aleppo where the project targets women and adolescent girls from the internally displaced persons (IDP’s) and the local community. The centers have a lot of activities like Wool knitting, Literacy courses, Computer training, English language training, Art activity and Hairdressing.
The centers provide GBV services, individual PSS and case management, in addition to psychosocial support and life skills activities. Outreach visits are conducted in schools, camps and homes to reach more women and girls and provide psychosocial support for them. Moreover, providing a babysitter room for children centers. Awareness secessions are conducted for men and boys around the GBV and the importance of these centers to develop women and girls in our communities.
More than 1,385 women and girls reached the services provided in our centers during the first three months of our 2019 project.

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