Supporting and rehabilitating schools in the northern Syria

July 15, 2019
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July 15, 2019 admin

MASRRAT aims to mitigate some of the students suffering who have dropped out of school and their schools were destroyed and that through various projects in the education sector.

In its program, the institution ensures to rehabilitate schools, build the capacity of educational staff and provide them with financial and technical support.
The project aimed to support the Education Directorate in Northwest of Syria and enhance the safety in the schools in Hama Governorate, in addition to the rehabilitation of the desks in Idleb schools.
The institution targeted nine schools in Hama in three villages through providing them by fire extinguishers, first aid bags and glass stickers (gelatine) to mitigate and reduce the possible threats in the schools. The project provided 32 fire extinguishers, 20 first aid bags and 170 meters of glass stickers (gelatin). Awareness raising sessions were conducted for the students and staff in the schools about how to use these tools. The project also, targeted 70 schools in Idleb in eight diffrent villiges through conducting rehabilitation for 3098 desks in these schools. A total of 18588 students were supported with school desks in Idlib in both morning and evening shifts.

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