July 16, 2019 admin

MASRRAT implemented this project to support the vegetable farmers in Al-Ma’ra district in Idlib city through supporting some aspects of the value chain for vegetables production and that through the rehabilitation of cold-storage warehouse unit, vegetable processing center and establishing farmers’ association by employing women in cash for work activity. Also, supporting extension services that educate farmers in the area.
The rehabilitation of cold-storage warehouse unit started on the first of September 2018 for 2 – 3 months. All the community farmers will benefit from the cold-storage warehouse unit for storing the fresh vegetables surplus to be sold in another periods of the year where the products are not available or wherever the price is not feasible for the farmers. The cold storage unit consists of two rooms, each room is 50 m2. Thus, the total area of the cold storage unit is 100 m2. The cold-storage warehouse unit will be handed over to the established farmers’ association at the end of the project.
The project also, included vegetables processing that rely entirely on solar energy as a source of electricity. The center uses as many preservation methods as possible, e.g. drying, dehydration, concentration, sugar preservation, etc. The vegetables that manufacture are: tomato, cucumber, armenian cucumber, green pepper, red pepper, eggplant, zucchini, beans, okra, mint and mallow. Many products manufactured in this workshop as: tomato paste, pepper molasses, canned vegetables, dried vegetables, jams and pickles.

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