Human Care Program and Orphans` Sponsorship

The program includes:

  1. Sponsorship for orphans.
  2. Sponsorship for poor family.
  3. Sponsorship for student.
  4. Sponsorship for teacher.
  5. Sponsorship for patient / disabled.

Contribute to insuring the sponsorships for the poor family, the sick / disabled, the teacher or the student, facilitate their life and a path to learning.

Orphans` Sponsorship:

“And they ask you about orphans. Say, “Improvement for them is best. And if you mix your affairs with theirs – they are your brothers. And Allah knows the corrupter from the amender. And if Allah had willed, He could have put you in difficulty. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise”. 

General Objective: An effective human being in his society.

The strategic themes for working in the orphan file are:

1. Value Empowerment. 2-Scientific Empowerment.  3- Skills Empowerment. 4- Psychological and Social Empowerment. 5-Economic Empowerment.

The themes divided to these operational matters:

 Provide a monthly income for the orphan and his family, enabling them to live a decent life.

Link orphans to education and follow their education to advanced stages.

Eliminating the consequences of war on the psyche of children, by providing psychosocial support to orphans and their families.

Provide social care for children through periodic visits to their families and conduct different activities that create a suitable social environment for the child to show his talents and help him to overcome the effects of losing his father.

Reintegrate the mother of the orphan into society through empowering and training her through social, cultural, educational and professional activities.

Following up the health situation of orphans.


Figures of the Human Care Program and Orphans` Sponsorship


monthly sponsorships for the disabled children.


monthly payments of orphans` sponsorship.


children benefited from the program.


MASRRAT platform to manage orphans' sponsorships

MASRRAT designed an electronic platform to manage orphans’ sponsorships in the beginning of 2016. This platform activates and strengthens the communication between the sponsors and the orphans. The platform allows the sponsors to have regular access to orphan reports, including the receiving monthly reports of salaries, orphans’ activities and educational and health reports for orphans. The platform also, provides an immediate reporting mechanism for the sponsor for any procedure by e-mail, such as paying the sponsorship, replacing and deleting an orphan and other operations.

Visiting the platform

The Password: Visitor8520

The User name: visitor for care

The Platform Link:

The latest projects of the human care program and orphans` sponsorship

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